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Nindensol (Pty) Ltd utilizes a global network of subcontractors, rebuild facilities, inventory, and people, to deliver high-quality remanufactured components cost effectively.

Mining Equipment Spare Parts

The demands of our international clients are very widely diversified. As one of the most prominent export companies, we are able to supply our clients with a wide range of parts and spare parts for trucks, loaders, dozers, mining trucks, crawler excavators, transport vehicles, dumper trucks, loading equipment, cranes, hydraulic excavators and machines, wheel loaders and all other type of earthmoving equipment, earthmoving machines and mining and construction equipment.

Genuine Spare Parts

Trust in global exchange is the guiding principle in a supplier-client relationship, which is why we have been working with reliable sources for decades. This is the only way we can meet the quality standards demanded by our clients. We assure you that we only deliver original spare parts, original equipment parts and parts from authorized dealers.

Smooth Import and Export

Comprehensively and precisely processed accompanying papers are the basic prerequisite for international trade. Export and import customs require documents in various languages, often with official certification and legalisation. We supply all the necessary documentation. This promotes the smooth export and import of our goods. You can rely on us for everything, from original certificates to legalisation, or certified customs documentation.

Ensuring Secure Warehouse Storage

We provide all goods to be delivered with a label listing the most important information in order to facilitate storage in your warehouse. You can see at a glance, the number of items included in the delivery, a brief description of the goods, the parts number, and your order number.

Reliable and Fast Shipping

When it comes to arranging the shipping, we work only with shipping companies that have been shown to be fast and reliable through many years of cooperation.

Delivery Program

We export spare parts from a wide range of leading brands and manufacturers.
We optimise our delivery program for our customers with products from all the well-known manufacturers in our industry. If needed, you can receive the complete range of products from a single source. This flexibility enables us to meet all requirements.

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